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Why Blame Comics For Societal Failure?

Why do we blame comics for societal failure? Why do we turn to them to blame when things in our world aren't right? The reason people blame comics is because they are easy targets to put blame on. While comics were read and enjoyed by many, they were also the representation of the "bad stuff" in society. Therefore, when things went bad, people said comics were the reason for it. From war to sex to drugs to violence, everything in theory could be blamed on comics. When a young kid or teenager did something wrong, comics always took some of the blame because they were supposedly influencing kids into thinking bad stuff was okay. Our society was and still is very influential, and when a controversial thing like comics are all over the market, they are a very easy thing to blame for corrupting the youth, or anyone for that matter. Although comics are often blamed, I think that it is societies' overreaction, not the comic books, that are to blame.
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