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Cosplay & U

There has been a great deal of debate recently about the impact of cosplay on comics. This video hammers home the points made by Rob Salkowitz and Tim Beyers about the impact of cosplay.  Thousands of hours to design and construct these costume demands the fans go to conventions to interact with fellow geeks. The net result is a revenue engine driven by fans for fans.  Cosplay adds something to the conventions that corporation cannot control, but arguably benefit from...passion.

Comics are culture!

The latest news from geekdom can be found in Hybrid Graphic Spaces.

Article of Note...on the business and culture of comics

Dynamic characters or dynamic times?

At the core of comic book superheroes current "moment" is a broader context culture. Check out Hybrid Graphic Space to see the contours of that landscape.

What's Happening in Comics?

Find out by reading Hybrid Graphic Spaces.

Doctor Who -- Last Christmas: Official TV Trailer

Comics are a space of cultural fusion

The link between comic and contemporary culture has become more complex in recent years. Hybrid Graphic Space gathers glimpses of that dynamic landscape for you to explore.

Comics and Culture

Hybrid Graphic Space is a curated view of news, events, and ideas linked to comic culture.