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Does Class affect our perception of the comic image?

I don’t feel that class effects our perception of the comic image. Comic books play similar rolls to that of movies in that they give people heroes and someone to look up to. During World War I Americans were looking for heroes and they found them in comics and movies. The comics made heroes that were carried out the American dream. These heroes portrayed men and women who came from rural areas, the backbone of America, and had very strict moral codes. These heroes fought off villains that were the complete opposite, usually from the city these villains had terrible morals and would reek havoc on the innocent.

The reason that class doesn’t effect the perception of the comic image is because comics create heroes in which everyone idolizes. These heroes are universal as appose to being a hero for a certain class of people. In essence the readers are all sitting in the same seats watching the same show.

The perception of the comic image is a universal one. Everyone sees these heroes as idols and during the first World War Americans were searching for heroes. Not only were comic heroes becoming a big deal, but sports were also becoming extremely popular. The sports stars were similar to the comic book heroes because they in essence were all American heroes. They were muscular, powerful, smart, athletic people with a strong set of morals. These heroes helped to keep American views positive during the war time and also served as a distraction.

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