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Why Blame Comics for Societal Failure?

Anytime something in our lives or world goes bad or wrong, right away we look for someone or something to blame. In this case people looked in the direction of comic books. During the war people loved reading the comics about war stories and America dominating all the evil enemies along with all the super heroes. After the war was over, these topics were played out and people wanted new ideas that weren’t about super heroes saving people. Comic book writers needed new stories and themes to fill the pages of their comics. They went in the opposite direction of their war inspired themes and rather than stories about people saving the day, they wrote about crime and destruction. Their comics were filled with drugs, blood and gore, robberies, and obscene language among other things. The problem with all the violence in the comics is that lots of kids were reading these comic books, how society is its fine for an adult to witness violence but if a child is exposed to anything that is adult related people get upset. Parents started to become displeased with the comics thinking that exposing their children to graphic stories and images may lead them to do something wrong or against the law. The comic book industry took notice to the displeasure among people and came up with strict codes that limit the controversial themes writers can write about. Over time the codes became less severe and people backed off the comic book industry. I personally don’t think the comics caused any harm to anyone , but like I said, when something abnormal happens people look for something to blame and in this case it was comic books.


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