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The 1950’s are often portrayed as a period of social cohesion, why is this misleading?

This statement can be very misleading because even though this in part of the recovery from World War II, a time where America came together in the war effort, after the war was different. The whole comic book world took a turn for the worst and just crashed after World War II. Comics flourished during the war because it gave Americans a reason to be interested, it was involving something that hit close to home. After the war was over, these comics were no longer popular because Superman or Captain America could not go out and fight those that they had already beat in World War II.
America was trying to become a "better" country by making the citizens as high of quality citizens possible. Social revolutions were on the upcoming, women's rights were being brought to the forefront of American priorities. Fathers were finally back to being in contact with their family instead of at war and families were now closer then ever. Those comics that were being read by the children when they were alone were now being noticed by the parents and was not an acceptable form of media for these children. Though families were back to being closer physically distance wise, the cohesion in that family was falling apart over time, due to social issues, and comics may have played a slight role in that destruction.
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