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Is Superman an American Character?

Superman represents America. He is the ultimate American character. He is an example of what America and the American dream is. He started with nothing and became successful, which was the opportunity that so many immigrants saw in the 1920's and 1930's that coined the term "American Dream". Superman is what you immediately think of when you think superhero. He even wears the American colors as part of his uniform. He is as American as it gets.
I think the part that people don't see immediately about Superman is that he seemingly always fits in with American trends, culture, and the times. Part of American culture is to keep up with the times in a continuously changing society, and Superman does that perfectly.
Another major part of Superman that makes him an American character is his background. His human form, Clark Kent, is what makes him even more American. Kent was born to middle class parents that lived in the heartland of America. They led an honest life with wholesome values. The family that the authors paint for Superman is the classic old time American family. It doesn't get any more American than his Superman and his family.
The authors of Superman is also another reason why he is an American Character. The two jewish immigrants who created Superman were chasing the American Dream, and consequently when they created Superman they put alot of those thoughts into their character.
So is Superman an American character? Yes, Superman is the representation of what an American character should be.


J. Chambliss said…
Is Superman is an American character, why is he so popular around the world?

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