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Black Something.......

My op-ed in the LA Times touches on some of my thinking about race in comics, but if you have been reading this blog, you know there is more to my research. Here is a list for those wondering about blackness in comics.

Black Panther (1966) 1st Black Superhero
Falcon (1969), 1st African-American superhero
Eddie March, Iron Man for one issue (1970)
Black Racer (July 1971)
John Stewart (Dec. 1971, becomes star GL in 1985)
Luke Cage (1972), 1st Black Superhero with his own book
Blade (1973)
Brother Voodoo (1973)
Bronze Tiger (1975)
Storm (1975) 1st Black Superheroine
Misty Knight (1975)
Black Goliath (1975) Get his own book in 1976
Bumblebee (Teen Titans 1976)
Tyroc (1976)
Black Lightning (April 1977), 1st DC superhero with his own book
Vixen (1978), 1st DC black superheroine

This list is imperfect, but it is telling us something about race in comics. As you can see, after the Black Panther a number of black characters are introduced. The first African-American character, the Falcon is very much in the…