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Why Blame Comics for Societal Failure?

Most things that happen in our society, are the result of another action that it can be blamed upon. Whether or not something is to blame is hard to understand or predict. At the peak of the rise of comics, many events were happening in the world, causing violence and chaos, there was the war, depression and mass amounts of people moving into cities. Many fathers were away at war, and while this was going on the mothers had to go to work to support the family that was still in the United States. This left children running wild, and allowing them to do what they wanted, something along the lines of reading comic books.
Once parents saw that there children were becoming more aggressive, violent, or mean they began to look for things in there life that could cause these behaviors. What resembled their actions the closest was of course "comic books". It could not be the parenting, or the lack of it for that matter, so the parents brushed it aside and placed it upon the comics. With all of the complaints coming from families about their children and reading the comic books, the government placed controls on what could be published and what could not. This destroyed the creativity behind comics and made for a pretty boring story only to make the society feel better about the destructive children.
I do not believe that comics are to blame for how failure was shown in our society at the time, because of the events that were taking place. Families were being split apart, and comics were an escape from the real world for most children, but they were not the cause of the outburst in behavior, that was from other social issues.


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