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Iron Man 3: The Official Game Trailer

The games have gotten better for each Iron Man movie. If this trailer is any indication, this might be the best one yet.

Iron Man 3 - The Clips Just Keep on Coming

Marvel Cinematic Universe - Phase 2 starts now!

A Marvel Studios Phase 2 video is on the web.

Marvel Cinematic Universe: Phase Twoby 2013venjix

Considering the positive buzz around Iron Man 3 this makes perfect sense. This video gives insights into the thinking behind Marvel's Phase Two plan.  With Daredevil rights under Marvel control, could we see a Phase Three with street level heroes like Daredevil, Luke Cage, and Iron Fist? I think a Phase 3 could weave together an approach focus on a black diaspora experience that links the Black Panther movie in development to a narrative that give Luke Cage a chance to deal with problems linking the African-American experience to African concerns. This is one of the themes that emerged in Blaxploitation films of the 1970s, although forgotten today.  I should get a consultant fee! 

Iron Man & Technology

One element of Iron Man's appeal in print is the armor's continual evolution.  You could look upon it as "boys with their toys," but it runs deeper.

Superior technology combined with solid values have always been a part of the American framing of defense. Iron Man's Cold War roots have allowed the character to easily play into this narrative.  With the current focus on anti-terrorism, technology has gotten both praised and scorn in the public discourse.  Our reliance on surveillance satellite and code breaking so well suited for nation states missed the threat of asymmetric warfare posed by terrorist groups.  After a decade of conflict however, the appreciation of technology has returned.  The debate about military drones is the public face of this new engagement, but the impact is widespread.  Iron Man 3 bring these ideas into the film narrative. Like the United States, Tony Stark's victory will likely hinge on superior tech, reinforcing the belief of techn…

Rescue Is Coming?

The idea of a Rescue movie would be an interesting to get Paltrow fans into the theater, but in terms of the wider cinematic universe, it is not that great of an idea.  A better idea would be a Rescue television series.

Smart Marketing

The sequel to 300 is not hotly anticipated. Given this fact, releasing a picture of Eva Green makes perfect sense. The first film was a visual triumph, but far from a complex cinematic feat.  Judging from the cast, this film could be a major improvement. 

Man of Steel

Nothing new in this TV spot for Man of Steel.  On the other hand, nothing horrible about this movie has made it way around the web, so nothing new is good.

Iron Man 3: Something From the Cast

The contours for the Iron Man 3 story seem to be coming together through the various press narratives. I think the emphasis on a sequel to the Avengers make perfect sense. Moreover the emphasis on character evolution and relationship growth is always good in the third film of a franchise. If you know Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, you know Robert Downey Jr. and  Shane Black can work great together.   Iron Man 3 looks better and better, which in turns means all the other Phase 2 Marvel Studio films are getting a boost.

Iron Man 3: Holiday Greeting

Another great clip from Iron Man 3.  Tony Stark easily channels a techno-gunslinger vibe in this film. In many ways, the contours of the story we have seen harken back to a core element of Iron Man's appeal. He is a lone hero (similar to a gunslinger) on a redemptive journey. He is making up for past wrongs by protecting a community he once threaten. Given Stark's role as a weapons designer, we can expand that framing to cover the entire world.  After seeing Tony Stark at the center of all things Marvel Cinematic Universe, IM3 signals a return to hero gunslinger mode so familiar to the U.S. audiences.

Could international audiences see shadows of the United States' post-1945 journey in Tony Stark? 


Great to see MADHOUSE back in the Iron Man animation game!  Marvel continues to position its most popular characters in spaces where diehards and casual fans can be entertained.  MADHOUSE provides the kind of anime style that will appeals to fans of Giant Robot and similar Asian inspired pop culture in the United States.  The roots of that devotion run deep.  Regardless, this kind of synergy can only help Iron Man 3.

Shape of the World

Marvel Comics has released details of a new storyline featuring Thanos. This is not a surprise. It will coincide with Marvel Studio activities featuring the Guardians of the Galaxy.

What does surprise me is that the new release got coverage in USA Today.  Coverage from "mainstream" media of a new mini-series announcement  is an indication of the synergy linked to superhero comics. We assume that independent comics, always a space for creativity are more cool. DC and Marvel Comics, firmly controlled by corporate media giants are, in the best case scenario, fodder for next blockbuster. 

Still, the relative success of Marvel versus DC over the last few years has more to do with the legacy of independent comics than corporatism.  As far as I can tell, Marvel hasn't hired a writer who was not already established in the independent comic world in more than a decade.  Names like Brian Michael Bendis, Matt Fraction, and Jason Aaron published indy comics before setting one foot …