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What is the future for the Superhero

What is the future for the superhero? The future of the superhero in my opinion us a very bright one. With films like Iron Man, Thor and Captain America opening up the Marvel Universal, Marvel can expand and bring out more super heroes. I believe comics can make a comeback based on in recent years the “nerd” like culture has become “cool”. We see this in shows like Big Bang Theory, even in rap culture with groups like Odd Future and Childish Gambino.
Also Comic Book adaptions have become the most profitable movies in Hollywood. Usually, when movies are based from a comic book or movie, they go on to make hundreds of millions dollars in the box offices. This then causes sequels, television programming and merchandising. With the connection of the marvel cinematic universal it maks people grow from just liking maybe one super hero movie, to liking the entire super hero franchise. Iron Man set the tone with the Iron Man. Iron Man being my favorite hero and by far the best super hero, wit…

What is the future for the superhero?

The future of the superhero is up to the fans and the industry to decide. Since 2000, the superhero genre became part of a more advanced transmedia experience. Cartoons, video games, backpacks, lunchboxes, schoolbooks, movie sagas, and classes are now dedicated to various forms of the history and future of the superhero.

The recent trend for the 90s generation has brought back some relevance to the superhero market. "Geek Chic" has influenced people (usually in their college years) that intelligence actually has a comedic or sex appeal, and the comic book culture along with superheroes has made a comeback. The summer of 2011 was dominated with new Marvel-based movies that have set the basis for other movies to cone, namely the Avengers. Other characters from both Marvel and DC are set to have movies of their own by summer of 2012. Lastly, DC's "New 52" has provided advanced art forms and plot-lines to open up to a new audience. Like Marvel, they plan to publis…

What is the future for the superhero?

I believe the superhero will continue to be symbolic characters. Comics have been around for a long time and there is no reason that they should die out anytime soon. Superheroes are what young people look up to and that will never change. The comics make the reader love and want to read more. Also, with all of this new technology for making movies, a ton of superhero movies have been being produced in the last 10 years. Superheroes can be viewed as they never could 20 years ago. Just look at the difference between the batman movies from 20 years ago to a couple years ago. The viewer can get a serious view on superheroes and get a sense of what its like to be one. The darkness and horror of being a superhero is portrayed and people like that. The movie the "Dark Knight", portrays this horror especially. It shows how crazy gotham city was and how its hard to be a superhero. In my point of view, this was the best superhero movie made. It really got your senses going and showed…

What is the future fo the Superhero?

Just like everything else, its going to become a broader field. Our societies obsession with them isn't going to dry up or anything. web series like the LXD and Misfits are creating new classic heroes for the next generation. The boom of comic book movies that have come out really don't hurt, I feel like the super hero itself is going to branch into other genres more then before, i mean have you seen batman: Arkam Asylum? Superheroes will be fine regardless of what happens to comics. Human beings long to be vindicated as unique and pretending to be a super hero, wishing and believing maybe one day you'll be the first to be more then normal special? it more addictive then any drug. its why J.K. Rowling is a millionaire and Stan lee got his own fairly successful reality show. To be more then what we are will always be a storyline worth producing.

What is the future of the Super Hero

I believe that the future of the super hero will be very different. Future super heroes will not be as flawless as the ones today. I believe that some super heroes will come from the "dark side" and turn to do great. I find it interesting that super heroes and villains never switch sides. People in our everyday lives go from being good to bad people or bad to good. This concept is simple to understand and i feel that it will add a lot more excitement and drama to super heroes across the board. If spiderman or superman turned evil and a team of super heroes had to stop them i think it would be very cool. Authors can play around with how they got to switch sides. It could be through blackmail or even a experiment gone wrong anything that could drive a super hero or villin to switch sides would probably be very extreme. I feel that if comic books spice up their characters and plots a little bit it could add a whole new branch of comics in the industry.

What Is The Future Of The Super Hero?

Predicting the future is a very hard thing to do, but in my opinion the super hero has a bright future. Recently the super hero has been making a comeback in the movie industry. Creators are realizing the comic book era is starting to die out and different forms of media are taking over. Just about every super hero movie that has been released has done well in sales and even has one in the top grossing movies of all-time (The Dark Knight). Do to all the movies success, another outlet has been opened up, merchandise. There are clothes, lunch boxes, and tons of other items that are being sold with super heroes on them and a lot of the sales have to do with the success of the movies. Even though the movies are the main way super heroes are getting exposure nowadays I think they will become relevant in other forms of media in the future. Super heroes start to show up more and become more popular when there are major events going on in the world and right now there isn’t much for the write…

What Is The Future Of The Super Hero?

It is always hard to tell what the future holds, and the same goes for the super hero. It is possible the super hero could die off and be lost for years and possibly even decades. Right now it does not seem like that is going to happen. Recently there has been a new surge for the super hero, mainly coming from movies. In the past 5 years there have been about a dozen super hero movies that have come out and have had great success, and there are only more to come. At this point in time I think the super hero is at a good place in American society. You see kids all the time wearing super hero T-shirts and backpacks, and although you may not see that as much with teenagers and adults, the fans are there. The new Batman movie that came out in 2010 brought back the almost dead movie character and with a sequel coming out in May of 2012 only good things can come. Although I have only seen the trailer for the new Batman movie I do not expect it to disappoint. There is also another S…

What is the future for the superhero?

The feature of the Superhero is difficult to predict. However, every character and superheroes have been changed into what society is needed. Especially, character like superhero has great influential power on our society, and it tells us what is lacking in our society and reflection of people's thirst of change in society. Therefore, in the 2oth century, there were a lot of Superheroes with super power and fighting crimes. However, this 21st century is bit different compared to the 20th century. Although, people are thirst of superheroes fighting crime and organizing society, people are somewhat sick of old fashioned superheroes and our society is quickly growing in capitalism and people want to relate closer to their real life situation. Therefore, my wild guess of future of the superhero might be somewhat related to the real life person with no superpower and person who overcomes real life issues. Issues, such as harsh financial problems, health problems, and many other hards…