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Our class so far has somewhat changed my perception of the comic image. This class has changed my views historically and visually. When I now read comics I think about the triangle. The triangle contains three factors. It contains  reality, meaning and the picture plane. It is easy to tell these three apart. Reality is when the picture looks like its more real than fake. When a picture has meaning it tries to tell you a message. And the picture plane is a mixture of relaity and meaning. My views have also changed historically while reading it.
I now think about history and see if any of the heroes are supposed to relate to American icons. I also look at the history of the actual super heroes. It is very intersting to study the super heroes and look from time to time the changes that actually occur. Some of the changes that occur are the actual super hero outfits or their situation with their own personal families. Comic book authors do this to spice things up and to keep readers from getting bored. Even though many things have changed for me as a comic book reader some things haven't. I will probably never buy a comic book to read for pleasure and i will always like the movies so much more than the comics. Whenever i think of super man, spiderman or batman i think of the movies. I have always loved super hero movies and hopefully this class will help me watch them from a different perspective. As an overall this class has changed my perception of comics.


J. Chambliss said…
It's great your "eye" for meaning is changing. The key is to keep this analytical focus sharp as we discuss the increasingly complex narrative created by the superhero's shared universe.

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