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Mark Waid, "Reinventing Comics And Graphic Novels For Digital"

Mark Waid has gotten a bit of criticism and praise for his advocacy for digital comics.  My mantra, as always, is that comics are the kaleidoscopic point.  A space where broader sociocultural trends come together. On the page the process is layered and intriguing.  The system around comic book publication also offer similar insights. Comic book are artifacts of modern urban industrial experience.  Thus, the turn toward digital in comics is merely a microcosm of the broader transformation from an urban industrial to suburban service economy. This presentation lays out Waid's argument for why digital comics make sense.  Moreover, he gives us some insights into the monetary impact of his efforts.  There is no question there will continue to be a turn toward digital publication. The question is who will benefit from that transformation.

Justice League The Flashpoint Paradox CYBORG Official Clip

Cyborg has been one highlight of the recent changes at DC Comics. Starting with Flashpoint and continuing into the New 52, Cyborg has been placed at the center of the action.  It good to see this reflected in DC's animated films.  DC has been criticized for its lack of diversity in the New 52. I am disappointed with the failure of the Static and Mr. Terrific comics. Moreover, the Milestone Media characters remain sitting on a shelf somewhere (sigh). 

Can Cyborg turn it around?