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how have we changed our definition of the comic book form overtime

The comic book form has changed overtime. It has espicially changed from the business aspect. Comic books are everywhere we look even if we dont realize it. Our favorite comics are in movies tv shows and even on t shirts. Comics are just an overall booming industry today. It wasnt always like that. Comic book inventors used to not make that much of a comfortable living but now its a whole different story. When we think of older comics we just think of a paperback comics and that was it. But now when I think of comics I think of the movies. When people mention superman Spiderman or batman we immediately think of the films.  The comic book industry just used to be comics but now it is clearly so much. The original comic book industry was so simple and there was nothing else really to it. They just used to be 10-cent comics and that was it. If you look at the overall improvements of the fundamentals of comics it's just unbelievable. This multi million-dollar industry has captivated our country and has turned it upside down. This comic book frenzy can be seen at a famous event called comic con. So many people flock to this convention and show off their knowledge of comics. Not only do they show us their knowledge but also their spirit. People show up in costumes and wear them with pride. We need to continue to realize comics have not always been like this. Looking back at the history of comics is just awesome. It’s just incredible to see the transformations of the characters and the graphic aspects of all comics. If you look at explosions from older comics their is no comparison of the comics today. Older comics details definitely lacked in the realistic aspect of things. But now explosions in modern comics show fire and so much more. For me personally i feel that those little details do so much in improving comics. It just makes it that much more believable and worth reading.


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