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Is Superman an American character?

Is Superman an American character?

Since the beginning of comic books, the industry searched for a character that could emulate the ideal American hero. The transformation from the frontier to the city gave way to numerous characters, including Superman, which helped people to relate and make the transition easier. From Cowboys, to Tarzan, then Conan, then Sam Spade and Doc Savage, to finally Superman. All of the previously mentioned characters were in essence American characters; they represented the values and daily problems that Americans faced in the time when they came out. But the only one of them that really survived passed their era and maintained that iconic American image was Superman. Whether in the 1950s or in 2011 Superman represents the core “American” values that our culture was founded on. Although we don’t live in the same type of society that as the time when Superman was created I think that Americans still like to see the pure hero with pure values.


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