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Is superman American character ?

Theocratically speaking, Superman could fit in any kind of culture or country. He is undeniably stereotype super hero. But is superman American hero? Indeed he is an American character, but is he typical American character ? My answer is yes, even though superman is kind of too good to be true, and even alien like power makes his character somewhat non-realistic. However, since America is all about this perfect, and going by the book society, Superman is an American character. Some people may say he is not, but he is. Also, the way he grew up is all about American frontier, and represent immigrants who moved into America. Superman grew up in farm and moved into the urban society. His transformation into urban society is representing the time superman was born, and at that time it was time of transformation and frontier for American society. Also, he represented immigrant society, and American dream by moving into urban society and becoming a superhero of urban society.
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