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Does class affect our perception of the comic image? If so, how?

I think class definitely affects a person’s perception on the comic images. Most people who read comics are from lower class to middle class people. I think this is because the super heroes give these people hope to one day make it in life. Many superheroes come from the lower class and middle class and make it to the upper class. Superman is the best example of this. He came from a farm and eventually made it to the city. He came from nothing and became something. Another example is Spiderman who was pretty much in the lower class and made it in the city as a photographer. The whole idea of someone coming from the lower class and making it big is part of the American Dream. The comics give these people examples of how lower class citizens obtain the American Dream. As the superheroes are in their “lower class” stage, they are portrayed as weak and not important. Once they gain their powers they bulk up, shine and make it to the upper class. This just shows the lower class that it is possible to make it in America. Superman can be looked at as an immigrant who made it to the upper class. He was from an alien planet (another country) and made it to the upper class. Superman is just one superhero that shows how the American Dream can be obtained. I think that class has a huge part to do with how society understands the comic image. Even if you are from a lower class, the comic books show how one can make it big and obtain the American Dream.

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