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Is Superman an American character?

Is Superman an American character? Of course he is an American character. He exemplifies everything an American character should, the only thing that could be argued that he wasn’t is the fact that he was not born in America. Although he was not born in the United States he was raised in the U.S. Superman as a character was raised in the United States in Kansas in a small town. During the time period when he was first created, the American public saw small town citizens as the most American of all. They represented the era when nothing was commercialized as much as it is now, and small businesses and farms were thriving. Superman represents the small town boy here to clean up the mean streets of the city. Also he speaks English and when he becomes Clark Kent he carries out his everyday tasks like a normal American would. Even outside of the comic itself, the authors and illustrators created him as an American hero. The Superman comics were written and drawn in America, and when they were published they were sold to the American people. Superman was also sold as an American icon. If readers did not consider Superman an American then the comics wouldn’t sell as much because the reader can relate to the story as much.

Superman also embodies the so called “All American morals”. He is a selfless, courageous, bold, strong man who protects the innocent from everything that is evil. Americans think very highly of themselves and even though most Americans do not hold these qualities they do think of them as the ideal qualities for an American citizen. He represents good, and Americans like to think of themselves as always being the good guys. Superman also looks like a white, middle class, American man. His facial structure resembles that of a handsome American man. Even his cape and tights are blue and red. He is most defiantly an American character.


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