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The 1950s are often portrayed as a period of social cohesion. Why is this misleading?

During the 1950's, it was time of reorganization. At that time America was going trough hard time, coming out of World War Two, the Korean war, Red scare, racism, human rights, social issues, civil rights movements, feminism, and more. There fore America needed to put firm control over media. Sometimes a lot of censorship had to take place to control media, and public to keep the society clam and organized. Most people agreed upon behaving nicely, good valued family, going to church on sundays, and so on. However, it is hard to say all that social movements was done by social cohesion. Part of it might be true, but people were sort of forced to be that way. Because of being at that time, it was right thing to do to fit in those social grouping. People had to act that way because of time being 1950's when everything was so toned down, and a lot of "taboo" was taking place. Government and media set a standard life style for public by media censorship to keep the public clam and safe. Everyone was about this perfect behaving life, and people were ignoring other problems those were taking place around them at that time. So, it is hard to tell 1950's was period of social cohesion.
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