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Is Superman an American character?

Is Superman an American character?
Superman is an American hero, he is the embodiment of the American dream. He started from nothing and became successful. Although he was created by Jewish men, he still is a reflection of the American dream and American values. Also the fact that he wears red, white and blue gives him the look of an American. Superman is made relatable by his image and how his malleable background changes throughout time to fit the times and needs of the American people. His story of “from nothing to something” is just like many other immigrant stories that made different Americans popular. Jack Dempsey can be compared to superman because they both personify the American dream. Superman is also a true American hero, like I said earlier he is compared to Jack Dempsey and John Wayne. Superman is also very important to American society. Because of Superman’s ever changing background he can always fit American society. In times of need like the world wars and the depression superman is there as a symbol of hope for many Americans. Also many children idolize superman. This makes superman important because it has kids wanting to be a man of extraordinary character like superman, instead of the kids idolizing and wanting to be a movie star or rapper, most of which with not-so-extraordinary character. I believe Super is an American hero as well as an American character


J. Chambliss said…
I like your analysis of the "malleable" background in Superman stories. If the core aspect of the character never change, then indeed the background must shift and Superman must relate to those changes to demonstrate how the core ideas he represents remain relevant.

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