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Does class affect our perception of the comic image? IF so, how?

I learned a lot about comic during the last few class sessions. Before the class I used to red comics just for fun, ignoring the fact that there are countless of meanings, social issues, and historical back grounds behind the stories. Also, I learned about the history of comics, where did it started from, and how it became popular,and importance of it. It was very interesting to me that how comics was made back in the days, when the comics was starting to become popular. One thing I do differently when I read comic these days is that I try to think about the triangle I learned in class. Is it close to "picture, meaning, or reality?" Now I have so much to do when I read comics, that just makes comics extra interesting, and get more out from the comics. I think comics give messages in more friendly and comfortable way that people do not have to stress as much other media when they receive messages. I think thats the one of the great benefits of the comics.


J. Chambliss said…
Great you have solid tools to define comic meaning. Now, consider how changing circumstances are reflected and refracted by the comic medium.

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