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In Terms of Race, Do Comics Offer Stereotypes?

Comics do offer stereotype under the race representation. Many comics deal with hero stories. However, the characteristics of the heros varies differently according to the character's race. Luke Cage is one of the clear example that, comics do offer stereotype. He is black hero who happens to earn his power while he is in the prison. And he had very aggressive characteristics with anger. His character was reflecting time frame of the Cvil Right Movements and representing angry black community who wanted changes.The stereotypes through which American popular culture often interprets and represents racial identity operate not only as tools of defamation but also as vehicles for far more subtle manipulations of race. Comics often tend to create characteristics based on it's race. The characteristics of character will be decide on the stereotype of it's race to play safe for the readers. Especially for black characters in comics always would contain some kind of violence as it's characteristic. Because race of character should meet the stereotype in order to sell to readers.


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