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Comics in the 80's

Comics books in the 1980's. Were different from what they are now. Comics now have a lighter tone to them, Comics made for kids will have light happy endings. comic books in the 1980s had a much darker tone to them. There was a lot more violence in the books then there were in the 1950s partiallly because of the Comic Book Codes. But also in the 1980s violence rose, as well as dru and the crime rate. The comic books of that time reflects that period. We saw super heroes making, basically PSA against drug usage. Or the Villian or Victim used drugs. This made the issues in comics more serious. No longer did we seem villians bent on World domination, but the villians were hopped up on a drug. Or the victim was using drugs, turning the villians from monsters or other characters but the villian was underlying and dark. Also super heroes like batman were re evented. Before making the Dark character Dare Devil, Frank Miller created a much darker, old Batman. In the Dark Night Returns Batman was re evented as a darker character. Even the city of gotham was darker and more decayed. We saw the rise of Graphic Novels and things like the Watch Men came about. Comic books in the 1980s were alot different than they are today


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