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The impact of socially relevant stories in the late 1960s

Comic is reflection of society. Every era comic deal with social issues, problems, and social norms. 1960's was no exception, during the 60's United States was going through many events such as Vietnam war over see and protest against war in the United States. Also, it was time of hippies movements and fighting against drug. In 1960's hippies and drugs were the biggest social issues in the united States. Therefore, comic could not ignore these issues. In the Amazing Spiderman talk about the drug uses of Spiderman's best friend being addicted to drugs. The reason of drug addiction was to forget about his problems in life, such as girlfriend, and many other things in his life. Just like many people take drugs in the 60's to forget about life and to ease the pain in life. Spiderman and other comic stories reflect what was going on in the 1960's.
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