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In Terms of Race, Do Comics Offer Stereotypes

I do believe that comics do show stereotypes in terms of race. Every race has their own stereotypes that they are associated with.  For many characters these stereotypes are what distinguish them from the other characters, Mr. Davenport states, “A way of speaking, a look, a personality trait, an emotion is given to a character that allows readers to label, recognize, and identify them”. Stereotypes can be seen in every race in comics, asians are usually colored yelllow and are smart, blacks are aggressive and strong,  middle eastern characters are villains and terriosts. The comic book industry had been pretty much dominated by white characters with only a few black role characters untill the launch of the first black superhero; Luke Cage. He was the first black superhero with his own book and he was given the sterotypical background and physical apperance. He was in jail when he obtained his powers, he was strong and muscular, and he was very angary and hostile. Comics arent the only form of media that uses racial stereotypes  and its disappointing . I don’t thing that racial stereotypes should define a character.

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