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Discuss the impact of socially relevance stories in the late 1960s

The impact of socially relevance stories in the late 1960s is very apparent in comic books that came about in the sixties. The Amazing Spider-Man comics that came out in the sixties demonstrate the impact that the sixties had on comics. Race was a concept that got displayed in comics in different ways. For example, Spider-Man did have an African American character, but the African Americans that did appear, remained in the background and were not prominent. Spider-Man was a character that was relatable to most people, including the youth. He was a very complex character that experienced problems that were socially relevant to most people. One of the main issues in Amazing Spider-Man was drugs. The sixties was a time when Americans began experimenting with drugs. Most of these Americans were labeled as hippies, and were seen in a negative connotation. The hippie culture influenced American media, including musical theatre. The musical Hair, which was a great success, portrayed this hippie culture, including the way drugs influenced American society. Comics were also influenced by this drug culture.

The issues of Amazing Spider-Man show the influence of this drug culture. Spider-Man saves a man from falling off a building, as he notes that he is under the influence of drugs. The man is a clear indication on how drugs were a prominent part of the culture of the sixties. The underground comics also explored taboo themes that still were socially relevant in the late sixties. These comics were still prominent even as most were banned and they are usually not talked about. Many of the topics in these comics were relevant to the different parts of society, even though not many people approved of the content.

The late sixties also gave rise to more superhero archetypes that made them relatable to society. Although you could still see segregation in the comics, it was becoming more apparent on how society began to shape comics. The late sixties was a time when comics became popular again as people began to be interested again. The content and the stories attracted more audiences as characters finally began to be relevant to people in America. Minorities still remained, but times were changing and superheroes transformed as a new era and new ways of thinking began to emerge.

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