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Discuss the impact of socially relevance stories in the late 1960s

Discuss the impact of socially relevance stories in the late 1960s. In the 1960 many social changes were developing in society. There was the civil rights movement, as well as the women’s rights movement. Because of both of these social changes the respective groups being discriminated against began to gain rights. One of the ways these groups are discriminated again is reputation in media. In comic books around this time we started seeing more African American super heroes. Heroes like Luke Cage, Black Panther and the Falcon were developing and becoming more popular and accepted in society by the people. Also the civil rights protest themselves were also being put into comic books. Also under ground comic were popular during this time. These comics became popular because they were filled with societal issues and subtly commented on what was going at the time. Often parodies and filled with satire, underground comics went outside the social norm with their comics, filled them with societal subtext and distributed them. Even in issue #68 of the Amazing Spider-man, Spider-man saves an African American drug addict falling off of building. At this time the government was cracking down on drug use and brought the dangers of various drug uses to the forefront of society. In Spider-man, Peter Parker discusses how bad drugs are and devote the entire issue to explaining how bad drugs are for you using subtle arguments or over text to the reader. Comic Book stories were greatly impacted by social changes and actions happening in the late 1960s
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