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In Terms of Race, Do Comics Offer Stereotypes

Comics without a doubt display stereotypes for different races, but it is not only races that are depicted in that way. In fact it seems almost as if every character in comics are built upon their own stereotypes. From Davenports reading, he states that characters are commonly identified and labeled by certain things such as ways of speaking, emotions, and other personality traits. These weren't always for just race identification, but more times then not it would usually be for that reason. For example, Black people in comics are commonly seen as strong, intimidating people and even occasionally they are very "Africanized" such as one of the earlier side kicks in comics (who's name is slipping my mind currently) who looks like a complete "jungle boy" that does not exactly fit in with the rest of the characters and scenery. Also another character by the name of Black Panther, who was introduced in the Fantastic Four series. This was one of the very first successful superheroes who was Black, along with Lobo, who never saw anywhere near the amount that Black Panther did. Both of these superheroes definitely showed obvious stereotypes throughout their days.
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