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Comics in the 80's

Comics in the 1980's were different than another time. Comics in the 1980's were very dark. In the 1980's there were increase of crime rates and violence and drugs were a big problem as well. The comics of this time were trying to reflect off of this. Comics had heroes who tried to stop these villains and this ended up becoming very popular. People were into this rebel type behavior and the sales proved it. Sales soared during the 1980's. As the market grew so did the readers. The average age of readers increased and this was a definite positive for the comic book company's. Comics in the 80's definitely had more of a dark tone to them and some people were very into that  dark tone. These comic book writers needed to relate their comics to the current times during the 1980's and they definitely did. Comics in the 80's were very serious compared to other years and the types of readers and fans were proof of that. The more serious the comics got the older the average age of the readers got. The 80's was a serious time and comics was a great overall reflection of that.


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