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the role of people within Watchmen.

This week we focused on the different roles of the characters within Watchmen. On Monday we were divided into groups and my group focused on the role of Dr. Manhattan. He was once a human and now a mechanic use of the government. He is a type of parallel, he's without feelings and emotions but yet he isn't numb. He longs for the memories in when he was human. He is dating Lorie, but does he really feel love for her? I think that Dr. Manhattan is a parallel for spies for governments. He represent people who have completely given up their lives to serve the Government but for a very great price. As within Germany with the Nazis these men were chosen or even forced to serve Hitler and they basically gave up their morality and committed very inhumane acts. How could a government force ordinary people to become robots for an unjust cause? That is what I feel Dr. Manhattan represents.


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