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Civil War

THE PART OF THE STORY THAT SHOCKED ME was when spiderman voluntarily took his mask of in public exposing his secret identity that he had worked so long to hide.  In doing so however, he endangered his family because in recognizing the superhero's face, one could note his alliances, relatives, and associates, find them and injure them.  Any superhero who came out faced this problem, and yet the government was forcing them to give up the one true protection they had.  That really bothered me.  I did not understand why they could not just work for the government with only government officials knowing their identification as opposed to the entire public.

The trigger for this war was an interesting occurrence, about how nitro killed a bunch of children when he was being pursued by a reality television crew of superheros.  This idea had MTV written all over it. It was like a bad real world.  I did think it was quiet brilliant however for a reality television show to appear in a comic, it truly connected what was going on in our culture at that time, the reality television craze. 

This was definitely my favorite complete comic book we have read this term, it was exciting and I could not put it down.  I kept wondering whose side people would choose and if someone might realize they chose the wrong side, which occurred often and in Spiderman's case, he actually converted over.  Members of the side opposing the government seemed to gain more members after Thor killed Goliath and made the superheros question what the future held.   Others switched to the government's side. I must say I was shocked at how this comic ended and was actually a bit mad when the government got what they wanted and Captain America surrendered :(


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