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Were comics at the forefront of social transformation or lagging behind in the 1960’s?

Comic books during the 1960's were definitely in the forefront due to what the plot of the stories were based on. Just like in most literary works, comics during the 1960's reflected what was going on during the current times. During the 1960's there was great social unrest due to the Vietnam War. People began to protest the war and this was depicted in a Spiderman comic where college kids were protesting against social issues that were occurring. Comic books used a great deal of this and it can be seen in Fantastic Four as well. During the 1960's there was the issue of the Cold War and the red scare which was occupying American's interests and the Fantastic Four comic books discusses the space race. Due to this it can definitely be seen that comic books were in the forefront of social transformation during the 1960's.


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