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Were comics at the forefront of social transformation or lagging behind in the 1960’s?

If you were to look at the social transformation of the 1960's, I am sure that comics were at the forefront of this transformation. Not only were the comics interesting to read and a new sense of medium, but the comics did relate to topics happening around that time period. Wars, as they have always been present in comics, again were present in the 60's with Vietnam. Comics were being revamped and recreated to be better suited for this audience. These updated versions of comics helped to battle and compare to the other forms of media that were sprouting up at this time such as radios and televisions. Not only did they have to be newer comics but they had to have relevance to the average persons life, and fit to what their life standards were. This superhero that fits this category the best is spider-man. At first he might not even be considered a superhero because he is not doing good for the community with his powers. Once he notices that he can climb buildings, make spider-webs and un-human things from a spider bite, he used these for personal gain. As any average American would have at that time, he was trying to enhance his life.
Marvel comics tried to take the revamping to a new level, they necessarily did not have the superhero comics that were once a popular type but were trying new and daring concepts for their comics at this time in the 60's. Not only do I think that comics were a part of the social transformation taking place around this time, but I believe that it was at the front of the transformation and in no way lagging behind.
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