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Are comics inherently sexist?

In my opinion, comic books were and still can be considered sexist. From the creation of the first comics, the stories have always been geared and set up for the male reader. It was not until several decades after they started producing comics that the first major female character, wonderwoman, made an appearance. Because comics were already setup with the mindset that their readers were going to be mainly male, it made it easy for them to obtain the sexist title. Even when Wonderwoman made her debut, the creator intended for the series to be read by mostly males. He made the right decision in directing it to males, because something like 90 percent of people who read Wonderwoman were men. In female's defense, Wonderwoman did do what no comic had ever done before and represented a strong independent female who could fend for herself. With that being said, one character is not enough to change my opinion that comics are and will continue to be sexist.


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