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Are Comics Inherently Sexist?

I would say that comics are, in fact, inherently sexist. Since the beginning of the comic book industry, sexism has been apparent. The reason being is that it is a male dominated industry, both behind the scenes and in readership. Although comic books matured as the times progressed, women in comics will always be cast as the inferior role to the male’s superior. While the creation of Wonder Woman proved just the opposite, forms of sexism were still evident—through her characterization. Wonder Woman was the superior in her own comic book, disregarding the most common form of sexism in comic books, but writers didn’t include many males in her storylines beside Steve Trevor. Comic books were sexist and still are but people are still buying these comics and remaining loyal fans. So, should we judge the comic industry for doing what they need to do to reach their target demographic? Or should we judge ourselves for divulging in the media that we call sexist and not do anything about it? There are bigger issues than a characteristic that has been around, changing with the times, to worry about… though it is interesting to analyze.


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