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Are comics inherently sexist?

Comics were and still are very sexist. Comics are designed to be read by men only. Comics are generally stories about crime, horror and fighting. No woman is interested in these kinds of stories. These are purely for the male preference. Even though they are male stores, many women superheroes were created to attract women to comics or show that women are equal to men. The most famous is wonder woman. Over time, she has become the female icon in the comic industry. She is a great character for women to look up to. Although she is a female icon, there are many features about her that are sexist. First off, she carries a lasso that she uses to “seduce” her criminals, who are usually men. With her lasso, she can make her captives do whatever she wants. Men like a female in control, and wonder women became very attractive to men. Also, she is part of the Justice League but usually gets put in the lowest positions. For example, in one comic the Justice League is having a meeting about a mission that is coming up, Wonder Women is the secretary. Secretaries are a typical women job. You never see a man being a secretary and this is seen in comics. Lastly, Wonder Woman cannot get married. This is because if she did, she would have to stay at home and be a mother. The woman in a family is always seen as a stay at home mom to take care of the kids. Comics are very sexist and always have been.


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