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Are comics inherently sexist?

Comics had been and still is understanding as sexist. The reason being is that all the comics are based on mostly male readers. Comics such as superheroes, crime, horror, and violence comics are targeted for the male readers not female readers. It might be obvious result because most female do not read comics as much as male. Therefore, comic industries had to create comics mainly for male readers. However, by doing so, it will stop the consumption for female readers even more. This pity situation had been repeated for many years in the comic industries. Even though, there are few female super hero character like wonder women, it is targeted to the male readers at the end of the day. But it is ironic to say that comics are sexist. The reason most comics are targeted and made for male reader is that they are the biggest reader in the industry. It is not fair to call comics sexist, while they are just doing what they need to do sell their comics. If female readers think that comics are sexist, then they need to show that they have much as amount of consumption and readers in the comic industry.


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