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What is the future of the superhero?

What is the future of the superhero?The future of the superhero will reflect the times in which they are created. Comics have always been a mirror image of what was going on in society. They portray social stereotypes and fads, as well as matching their plots with current events. For example Captain America was a form of propaganda used to boost patriotism and to be anti Nazi. The superhero of the future will also mainly be focused on movies. I think the future for the paperback comic book hero will be short lived, and that an explosion of superheroes in cinema will emerge. The future superhero will represent all the positive characteristics that past superheroes fought to defend, but they will fight their battles in futuristic cities and on new frontiers. These superhero’s will not fail to uphold their beliefs in the fight for good, but the technique and scenarios in which they do them will be new to the reader. The future of the superhero is bright, and has many different directions in which they can go in.

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