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What is the future of the Super Hero

I believe that the future of the super hero will be very different. Future super heroes will not be as flawless as the ones today. I believe that some super heroes will come from the "dark side" and turn to do great. I find it interesting that super heroes and villains never switch sides. People in our everyday lives go from being good to bad people or bad to good. This concept is simple to understand and i feel that it will add a lot more excitement and drama to super heroes across the board. If spiderman or superman turned evil and a team of super heroes had to stop them i think it would be very cool. Authors can play around with how they got to switch sides. It could be through blackmail or even a experiment gone wrong anything that could drive a super hero or villin to switch sides would probably be very extreme. I feel that if comic books spice up their characters and plots a little bit it could add a whole new branch of comics in the industry.
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