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What is the future for the Superhero

What is the future for the superhero? The future of the superhero in my opinion us a very bright one. With films like Iron Man, Thor and Captain America opening up the Marvel Universal, Marvel can expand and bring out more super heroes. I believe comics can make a comeback based on in recent years the “nerd” like culture has become “cool”. We see this in shows like Big Bang Theory, even in rap culture with groups like Odd Future and Childish Gambino.
Also Comic Book adaptions have become the most profitable movies in Hollywood. Usually, when movies are based from a comic book or movie, they go on to make hundreds of millions dollars in the box offices. This then causes sequels, television programming and merchandising. With the connection of the marvel cinematic universal it maks people grow from just liking maybe one super hero movie, to liking the entire super hero franchise. Iron Man set the tone with the Iron Man. Iron Man being my favorite hero and by far the best super hero, with the movie revived my love for the super hero genre. With all of the reboots and shows i blive people will get tired of it, only for it to be brought back like we have seen in the 60s, 70s, 80s, and 90s. Im sure the super hero genre will go on forever taking on all kinds of media.
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