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What Is The Future Of The Super Hero?

Predicting the future is a very hard thing to do, but in my opinion the super hero has a bright future. Recently the super hero has been making a comeback in the movie industry. Creators are realizing the comic book era is starting to die out and different forms of media are taking over. Just about every super hero movie that has been released has done well in sales and even has one in the top grossing movies of all-time (The Dark Knight). Do to all the movies success, another outlet has been opened up, merchandise. There are clothes, lunch boxes, and tons of other items that are being sold with super heroes on them and a lot of the sales have to do with the success of the movies. Even though the movies are the main way super heroes are getting exposure nowadays I think they will become relevant in other forms of media in the future. Super heroes start to show up more and become more popular when there are major events going on in the world and right now there isn’t much for the writes to capitalize on, as more major incidents and events start to occur in the world I think you will start to see more and more superheroes make a return. Even though superheroes aren’t popular now I think they will start to make a comeback in the future.  
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