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What is the future for the superhero?

The feature of the Superhero is difficult to predict. However, every character and superheroes have been changed into what society is needed. Especially, character like superhero has great influential power on our society, and it tells us what is lacking in our society and reflection of people's thirst of change in society. Therefore, in the 2oth century, there were a lot of Superheroes with super power and fighting crimes. However, this 21st century is bit different compared to the 20th century. Although, people are thirst of superheroes fighting crime and organizing society, people are somewhat sick of old fashioned superheroes and our society is quickly growing in capitalism and people want to relate closer to their real life situation. Therefore, my wild guess of future of the superhero might be somewhat related to the real life person with no superpower and person who overcomes real life issues. Issues, such as harsh financial problems, health problems, and many other hardship people face in real life. Or a success story of a businessman or businesswoman. Also, superhero might be presented as more mild person with less dramatic back ground and characteristic.
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