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What is the future fo the Superhero?

Just like everything else, its going to become a broader field. Our societies obsession with them isn't going to dry up or anything. web series like the LXD and Misfits are creating new classic heroes for the next generation. The boom of comic book movies that have come out really don't hurt, I feel like the super hero itself is going to branch into other genres more then before, i mean have you seen batman: Arkam Asylum? Superheroes will be fine regardless of what happens to comics. Human beings long to be vindicated as unique and pretending to be a super hero, wishing and believing maybe one day you'll be the first to be more then normal special? it more addictive then any drug. its why J.K. Rowling is a millionaire and Stan lee got his own fairly successful reality show. To be more then what we are will always be a storyline worth producing.
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