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What is the future for the superhero?

I think that superheroes will continue to reflect the times they are created in, like they have always done since the Golden Age. I think the characters will continue to be big influential figures in our society. However, I do think that comic books will eventually die out. They are already in the process of it and I don’t see them making a comeback. Superheroes however will live on in films and television shows until society creates something better then movies that they could pass on to. Honestly, I don’t think superheroes will ever die. People have too much fascination with beings that are able to push past our mortal limitations to ever allow superheroes or other supernatural entities to die out. I also think either DC or Marvel will create a character that will finally knock Superman off his pedestal. I mean, I love Superman, and Batman. However I know that comic book companies continue to create new characters that will better connect to the public and I am sure they try to create characters they can fill that number 1 spot that Superman is holding on too. I just think it will be a matter of time before Superman is going to be forced to let it go.


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