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Wonder Women a product of Harvard?

William Marston went to Harvard? And received a Ph.D. in psychology? Wow, did he go on to become a world wide famous psychologist? No... In fact, what he is best known for was created one of the most famous heroic figures in American culture history -- Wonder Woman. Not only that, but Dr. Marston is credited for creating the lie detector, who knew? I suppose that explains Wonder Woman's Lasso of Truth.  How come more people do not now about that? Even though that piece of information is not particularly useful outside of the realm of cool trivia, I think it is reason enough to legitimize this course. Or isn't it funny to notice how 90% of Wonder Woman's readers were males, when Wonder Woman was meant to be a hero for girls? (According to Chapter 2 of our book). Plus, I find it amazing the creator of Wonder Woman was happily married and was in a relationship with a different woman -- and they all lived under the same roof! If that's not enough, his children were named after the women in his life! 

I never really got into Wonder Woman, mostly because as a kid I was hooked exclusively on the X-Men. However I look forward to discussing the social and economic value for a character such as Wonder Woman and her cast of bizarre villains.
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