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Batman and mental illness

As we have watched Batman comics progress, we have seen the number of villians that have come out of the wood work. Some of the main villians are The Joker, The Riddler, The Penguin, Two Face, Catwoman, ect. These villians all have something in common. They all suffer from some sort of mental illness. it seems that every villian that Batman has faced suffers from that. Lets look a little closer.
The Joker was dropped into a vat of chemicals and permenantley scared. He lost his mind and became Batman's ultimate first villian. He mostlikely suffers from some post partum depression and schizophrenia. he suffered a tramatizing event that has left him both physically and emtionally scared.
The Riddler was a scientist, very intelligent, who was somewhat enamored by Bruce Wayne and enjoyed experiementing and inventing things. We see in the late 90s version that he becomes to obsessed with his inventions that he loses his mind when Bruce Wayne thinks that they are too dangerous. He has sever issues. He cannot handle himself in a critical environment and crumbles under criticism. He begins to use riddles and mind games to stump Batman. After he is foundout he eventually, in the movie, he is placed into an insane asylum.
The Penguin was born deformed. He had no love as a child and has abandonment issues. His parents abandoned him as a baby because he was so deformed, he was found and raised by penguins. He hates mankind and wants to take his feelings of lose, out on everyone eles.
Two Face was a lawyer who was attacked and scared. Half his body was brutally scared by an acid attack. He then developes duel personalities. He too is somwhat schizophrenic. He cant deal with what has happened and loses his mind.
Catwoman has blackouts. She cant remember periods of the day. She suffers from blackouts, during which she committes crimes. She is also schizophrenic. Part of her brain shutsdown and because it cant handle the trama that has occurred therefore she has created an alterego/duel personality which allows her brain to over compensate.
Batman too, is not above these personal flaws. He suffers from emotional problems as well. He has trouble dealing with the lose of his parents. He has dreams about their murder. He seems to suffer from post partum depression and takes it out on bad guys. He, luckly, uses his anger for good. Thankfully he hasnt let his pains consume him. He is a tortured individual, but is able to manage by self medicating with violence against the enemies of Gotham.


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