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Cat woman

I have always believed Catwoman to be this fierce criminal and after reading batman last week I feel that she is kind of schitzophrenic.  I mean literally.  She has these series of times where she is a completely different person and yet has no recollection of what she did during that time, these are specific illness traits of a schitzophrenic.  Moreover, and on a more serious note, I believe that Catwoman turning to the good-side makes for a lame story.  I was very disappointed reading that she became good and was going to help Batman and Robin, she was always the most exciting villain and was such a weak excuse for a crime fighter that it was actually quite depressing.  She seemed much less powerful when she was good, she was captured and Batman and Robin had to save her.  Brining me to my next point of sexism.  Even this comic book portrays woman as being less capable.  Had it been an undercover male villain he most likely would not have been captured but because Catwoman is a woman she was easy prey. 
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