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... Behold Green Lantern's Light!

That's right folks! After reading Volume I of the Green Lantern/Arrow series, I am officially a fan. I remember seeing the John Stewart Green Lantern on the Justice League and always taking a liking to what he could do, but this is the first time the Emerald Hero really shined on me. What makes him so awesome is his source of power, the power ring. I just love how he is able to perform practically anything with the ring provided that he had enough concentration and the object is not yellow. I think the whole "yellow is not effected by the ring" is kind of bogus. I'm sure there must be a good reason, but I have yet to hear it.

Aside from the amazing power ring, I was really taken by the writing of the Green Lantern's story. (By the way, I don't really like Green Arrow. Sure, he may be "cooler" than the Green Lantern in his personality, but I know in a fight Green Arrow would stand no chance against the colossal might of Green Lantern's power ring. Just face it, you know I am right.) Perhaps the best moment for me was when Green Lantern first fought without his ring. Leading up to that moment he says the brilliant line, "Courage is easy when you can't die!" and later proves himself a capable fighter without the ring. Just imagine how deadly he must be WITH the ring. Good thing he is on our side.

If I do critique the Green Lantern stories I will say the conclusions of each story segment were weak. After pages and pages of set up and development, the resolution is a mere 2-3 panels long. It is kind of annoying when you know the writers could do so much better after making such fun scenarios for the Green Lantern. Aside from that, I enjoyed reading about the Green Lantern way more than any other story we have read this semester.
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