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What a superhero means to me?

In our latest readings by Coogan, the superhero genre is heavily assessed. We all have heuristics into which we believe superheroes actually are. Ok course Superman is one of the fist superheroes that I can indentify with, he has human hero strength and can fly. In his genre, Coogan describes the character of a superhero as “adolescent males who apply their strength to benefit their social groups”. As we see with Superman he helps those who are taken advantage of within in his middle-class society. The generic distincition has three elements are mission, powers, and indentiy, or MPI establish the core of the genre. But sometimes these heroes can exist who do not fully demonstrate these three elements, and heroes from other genres may exist who display all three elements to some degree but should not be regarded as superheroes.

In class we went over the many different comic covers and the time and I was taken back at the stereotypes of these comics. We see Superheroes who are woman and they are objectified. Phantom Woman’s costume was somewhat risqué and she was tied up. If this woman is suppose to represent a strong independent woman who fights crime, why must she still succumb to the dominance of male culture. Then when other races are exemplified in these comic illustrations, they are look somewhat inferior. On one comic cover there was an Asian character that looked beast like.


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