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Wonder Woman

We have disscussed how Wonder Woman was created by a somewhat interesting creator. He kind of had a fedish, to put it bluntly. We disscussed how his target audience for his character, Wonder Woman, was actually young boys. This is most definitely true, for this comic book herion does seem to posse quality that young boys might find attractive. These qualitites include a very sexy and scandalous outfit, long dark hard, beautiful features, and a strength. She is also intelligent and does, what most characters never do, save the man. The female is normally always the victim in comic books yet Wonder Woman often finds herself fighting to save just the opposite. Since the beginning of comic books, women have always played the vicitim. They have always been captured by the enemy, lost down a cave, stranded somewhere or something of that nature, all resulting in the male superhero having to put himself on the line to save her. If there were more capable females in the story lines, such as Lois Lane, they were never the heroes. (Storm is another example of a strong woman figure.) They may have helped the hero in some fashion but were never the sole hero. Even though Wonder Woman was targetted to young boys, the target audience for most comic books anyway, its important to note that there was now a strong female role model and young girls were now able to have their own female favorite.
Wonder Woman was a strong female presence, regardless of the audience she was designed for, because she was able to create a role model of strong women in society. This has been important for up and coming generations, after all women werent really afforded all the equalities of men until the mid 20th century and maybe some strong women role models were necessary to show women they were jsut as capable in society.


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