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If a woman makes you angry, just cut off her head! Or, why a little censorship is good.

So, I had no idea that there was such a backlash against comics in the 50s. I mean, I understand that pop culture ends up being the scapegoat in a lot of cases - that's nothing new. But wow, people actually believed that comics were a primary factor in the rise of violence among adolescents and children in the U.S. during that time? That comic books were making people hurt each other and themselves? It just sounds so ridiculous to me but then, it was probably a pretty disturbing issue when children were hurting (sometimes torturing) each other; maybe the alternative was just too difficult to face and it was the only suitable response.

I'm not entirely sure how I feel about censorship as an overarching concept but, I have to say, after seeing some of the covers and panels from the horror comics of the Golden Age, I see why some people may have thought it was appropriate. At some point, when does innovation and "pushing the envelope" become completely senseless and gratuitous? And, if there was already concern about violence and sadism in comics, what could be worse then drawing attention to yourself in such a way? Then again, I can't help but think E.C. giggled collectively each and every time they released another issue with a man's head exploding or children being chased by rotting zombies.
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